Orgonite Spell Castings

These Castings are slightly different to the usual Orgonite pyramids/devices, most of which are made with metal shavings, some quartz crystals and a few minerals. Each design contains a powerful mix of crystals, metals, herbs, spices and flora, combined with intention to create a truly magical piece....In effect, it's a spell "cast" permanently!

I only use EcoPoxy Resin which, although each layer takes 24-72 hours to cure and is much more expensive than polyester resin, is the safest Eco resin available. It is non toxic, Eco- friendly and virtually odour free. All crystals are hand selected and cleansed prior to use. I also used powdered crystals and metals for a much more powerful effect. Herbs, spices and flora are all Organic (most of which have been grown/dried by myself too!) All castings are cured to high frequency music 432hz and 528hz. I've put many months of research into these combinations and the energies that I personally put into each piece are pure and set with the greatest intention. Upon completion they are cleansed and charged by the Sun and Moon.

I hope you benefit from their power and beauty as much as I do in the creation of each piece. Please allow up to three weeks for the creation of your piece; I make them all by hand to order and due to the unique combination of materials and craftmanship, I cannot churn these out like factory made pyramids.

Disclaimer: These are HANDMADE castings using natural and raw materials. As such, slight artistic imperfections may appear. Every piece is unique and may include blemishes or small bubbles from the curing process. This will never affect the energy of the Orgone generator. Orgone and Crystal energy should never replace medical treatment and advice, they should only be used as a compliment to care by a registered Physician or medical practioner.