Love Spell - Orgonite Bar
Love Spell - Orgonite Bar
Love Spell - Orgonite Bar
Love Spell - Orgonite Bar

Love Spell - Orgonite Bar

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Orgonite Bar - approximately 7cm x 5cm x 3cm

How can I help you?

A love catalyst created to improve, balance and strengthen your relationship with yourself / others, or to attract new love and better relationships into your life. A beautiful piece to keep my your bedside or in the family room.

Although specifically created to focus on Love, this Orgonite inherently has many benefits and is a great tool for protection, transmuting negative energies and raising the vibrational frequencies of the user and the surrounding area.

What am i made with?

Rose Quartz

Rosebuds - Coriander Seeds - Lavender - Rosemary

Pure Copper Spiral (made to royal cubit dimensions) - Pure Iron Powder

EcoPoxy resin - 432hz / 528hz frequency cured

Cleansed and charged by the Sun and Moon

Pure love and intention, focused through specific ritual



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