Our Story



The Creator

Hello and thank you for taking the time to look around LoveRocks and find out what we're all about. I'm Michelle, originally from Manchester in the UK, but now living permanently in New Zealand having emigrated with my family 2012. I've previously been a fashion buyer by trade but then, when I suddenly became a solo parent of four, I was left no option but to struggle as a stay at home mum for a while before I realised that it was my responsibility to create my own path and be in control of my own success. 

I started to piece together all of the things I loved and the skills that I had acquired over time. Marrying the power and beauty of crystals with the wonderful world of weddings seemed like a match made in heaven to me, so I began my research, honed my skills and started to produce some designs for headpieces.

Fast forward to the launch of LoveRocks in August 2016 and one of my proudest moments! I’ve had a love and fascination of crystals from a young age, always been drawn to them, and so I feel very fortunate to be surrounded and inspired by them on a daily basis. It's always an honour to create that special piece for a bride; something harnessing those positive vibes that she can carry down the aisle with her and then keep forevermore...

I've been on my own spiritual journey since around 2014....Well, I've always been travelling this path, but that's when I really began to deep dive! I'm fascinated by the metaphysical and always exploring and learning. This led me to discover Orgonite and Orgone energy in 2018/19 and, after a year or so of research and experimentation, I'm proud to offer my own Orgonite creations now too. These are very personal to me and are essentially Spells that are permanently "cast". I only ever create for the highest good and believe strongly in Free Will.




The Creations

Crystals have been appreciated for their power and beauty for thousands of years and have traditional meanings associated with them. Our generation continue to have a growing interest in all things natural/holistic, and crystals are becoming more and more popular in all aspects of life.


LoveRocks has a unique offering, whereby crystals have been selected with a specific purpose in mind; styled create stunning headpieces to enhance your special day. Our headpieces are all handcrafted here in New Zealand, made to order using fine quality components. All of our crystals are selected by hand, cleansed and dedicated for purpose. Current designs are available in various precious metals and a selection of crystals/gemstones to compliment both your colour scheme and your dreams/aspirations. A complimentary bespoke design service is also offered, giving you the opportunity to help create your own unique piece.

Orgonite Castings

Crystals are used in spells because of their ability and power to conduct magical energy. Energy, intent are power are focused into the crystals to blend with the magical properties that the crystal already possesses. These combined with the particular energies of the other ingredients used, makes the workings even more powerful. I only use EcoPoxy Resin, the safest epoxy available, and will not use the alternative toxic resins available just to be able to save time or money!

We usually allow 3-4 weeks production time but, depending on what base metals and crystals we have in stock already, we can sometimes turn this around much quicker so we always to get in touch first and we will try our very best to accommodate you!