Starry Night Crown - Sample Sale
Starry Night Crown - Sample Sale

Starry Night Crown - Sample Sale

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This crystal crown has been handmade using Sterling Silver wires and Blue Lace Agate & Clear Quartz crystals. 
Crown approx diameter is 5 inches, height approx 1 inch.

Blue Lace Agate
Known as a good luck stone and a powerful healer, this crystal possesses calming energies to ease anxiety and stress, giving confidence to the wearer. Associated with the Throat Chakra, it assists with communication of thoughts and feelings. In ancient times Agate was highly valued as a talisman, ensuring good health and a long and prosperous life. As far as relationships go, this is a stone for marital and romantic fidelity.

Clear Quartz
The “Abundance Crystal “.
This is the most powerful healing and energy amplifier; this crystal takes energy to the most perfect state possible and harmonizes all of the Chakra’s.
These crystals can teach us how to channel more purified, unconditional love and healing energy.

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